Coleen Rooney, A snake-print bikini and that babyweight

Posted March 11, 2014 By World Cup Wags

Wayne Rooney might not be on fire this season with the red devils, Manchester United, but Coleen is looking hot hot hot as she sports a snake print bikini on holiday in Barbados.

Coleen Rooney, Snake Swim Bikini

Coleen Rooney all trimmed down and looking hot!!

Relaxing with her 9 month old son Klay, Coleen was spotted looking fit and trim having dropped her baby weight to get back into that gorgeous Melissa Odabash ‘Grenada’ snake-print bikini.

Although Coleen usually visits the island two or three times a year, Wayne hasn’t been spotted in the Caribbean since May 2012!

So what do you think about Coleen’s tweet: ‘Thank you @melissaodabash for my gorgeous bikinis!! I absolutely love them!! x,’

Loaded, doesn’t need money and taking freebies or helping promote a designer that she’s loves??

Comment below and make sure to stay up to date on the latest World Cup Wag beachwear because the suns coming out near you soon.

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This Sunday can’t be a day of rest for Imogen Thomas and Manchester Uniteds squeaky clean (cough cough) Ryan Giggs…

After yesterdays public Twitter argument with WAG Nicola McLean, Imogen Thomas has now read the Sunday newspapers to discover that she was not the only woman in Ryan Giggs’ love life (Let’s not bring the wife into this though).

Contrary to thoughts that she’d be pleased that the bad attention is starting to come off her and go onto Giggs who has found himself hitting headlines once again, this time for an alleged extra-marital affair with his brother’s wife, Imogen today Tweeted: “I just wanna curl up and die today.”

Giggs, following his alleged affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas, who was gagged with a super-injunction, now has even more claims of betrayal that have stunned his fans. The News Of The World today claimed that the multi-millionaire footballer even spent the night with estate agent Natasha, his brothers wife, last month on April 9.

With the affair said to have lasted over 8 years, Natasha told the NOTW: ‘I knew it was wrong. It’s the worst possible betrayal. I tried to end it but my relationship with Ryan was like an addiction. Anything he said, I did, I couldn’t say no.’ But, with the rumoured affair with Imogen Thomas hitting the headlines it seems that Natasha couldn’t bite her tongue any more and confessed all to the sunday paper.

World Cup Wags will be following this story with interest and we’re sure that you all will too..

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Cheryl Cole Farts live on X Factor

Posted November 15, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Cheryl Cole, live on the X Factor last Saturday, looks like she let one slip and farted on TV…

Don’t bother talking about Aiden Grimshaw getting voted off, Cheryl farting is all the talk at the moment and World Cup Wags watched TV on demand, as well as the YouTube video below just to confirm that Cheryl has indeed let one go next to Simon Cowell (As if the facial expressions don’t give it away anyway)

Make up your own mind, but it seems clear to us that Cheryl is as normal as the rest of us – although World Cup Wags would like to think that we’d hold it in instead of farting infront of millions of people..

Read the remainder of this entry »

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Have you missed all the news and gossip about Cheryl Cole over the last few 6 months??

Yup, it’s 6 months ago since Cheryl formally lost her WAG status by divorcing Ashley, but here at World Cup Wags we’ve found a great excuse to talk about her again as she pours her heart out about her failed marriage with Ashley Cole in an interview with Piers Morgan on ITV.

For over two hours, Cheryl gets interviewed becoming a tearful Ex Mrs Cole which is aired on OTV next Saturday.  Cheryl talks about her broken marriage for the first time and her terrible near death experience with malaria that saw Cheryl leave the start of the X Factor.

Cheryl confessed that after discovering her ex-husband’s string of affairs: “I was just a very heartbroken girl.” She also admitted that she still regularly speaks with Ashley Cole, that they are still friends and once the divorce is finalized she hopes that they can remain good friends.

Leaving the studio Cheryl looked visibly upset as she is driven home by her mum, Joan Callaghan, who was also seen to be upset. Cheryl is normally very private about her life especially in the aftermath of Ashley Cole’s affairs, so this must have been really tough for her! Much like World Cup Wags, we can’t wait to see it and update all of our lovely readers about the best bits!

Cheryl Cole Crying

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Wayne Rooney found to be cheating with prostitutes

Posted September 6, 2010 By World Cup Wags

We’ve had weeks of speculation about who the next footballer was to have been caught cheating after rumours of a new injunction against the papers but we never expected Wayne Rooney would have been the culprit.

Wayne confessed the cheating to our favourite WAG and new mum, Coleen yesterday after finding out that the story would hit the papers this morning. .Wayne has reportedly slept with 21-year-old prostitute Jennifer Thompson, who charges £1,200 a night, seven times in four months. They had sex in The Lowry hotel in Manchester and visited nightclubs and casinos together.
It is understood his lawyers tried to fight the allegations when they first surfaced three weeks ago, but ultimately decided they were indefensible because of previous revelations about the star and prostitutes.

Last night, the Jennifer Thompson, from Bolton, was reported as saying:“Wayne chased me with sex texts and paid in wads of cash. He didn’t seem to care he was betraying Coleen.

“Wayne certainly enjoyed all our meetings and didn’t seem to care what he was doing to his wife. I think he believes he is invincible and untouchable. As a woman, I wouldn’t want that done to me – especially if I was pregnant.”

She first met Rooney in June last year at the Manchester 235 Casino, five months before Coleen gave birth to the footballer’s son Kai. Rooney was there drinking with relatives and United teammate Rio Ferdinand. He called her over to the VIP area and, she says, they ended up kissing in a corner.

Later, at 3am, he texted her to ask if they could meet up. She told him he would have to pay. He responded: “That’s not a problem.”

He then invited her friend, who he had also met in the club, to join them, it is alleged. They met a week later at the five-star Lowry hotel in Salford, Greater Manchester.

She said: “Wayne told us he’d never had a threesome before. He was shy and awkward.“I asked Wayne if he’d ever been with vice girls before. Then I remembered he had. I told him I remembered reading about him and the granny, but he just laughed it off.”

She says they met many times, although from then on it was only the two of them. At each meeting he would pull out a ‘wad of notes’ from his pocket and hand her £1,200 in twenties and fifties.

Miss Thompson said: “Wayne had a few different mobile phones to contact me, all pay-as-you-go throwaways.”

On another occasion, she ran into him at a party at Rio Ferdinand’s Rosso Italian restaurant.

“I went with a few girls and the whole team was there. They were all very drunk,”she said.

“We hadn’t arranged to meet but Wayne spotted me in the crowd. About half an hour later he held my hand in front of everyone and led me away down these stairs.

“Michael Owen was looking at him in disgust. Wayne made no effort to be discreet and I was embarrassed. He took me downstairs into the cooking area and into an office.”

Poor poor Coleen and baby Kai- we thought more of Wayne Rooney. Are you shocked?

Article from Wags World Cup

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Carly Cole packs up home in London to move to Liverpool

Posted July 22, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Joe Cole announced this week that he had signed a mega deal with Liverpool FC which means that the North West have just adopted a new WAG with Carly Cole- hurray!!!

Carly spent yesterday packing up her house and family ready for the move along with her family and friends. We  were actually a little surprised to see her getting so involved in the move considering her WAG status- we would have thought she would have paid someone to do it all!

It’s been a busy few months for the Cole family after bringing their first child into the world in March and the World Cup in June, we are sure Carly and Joe will be exhausted by the time they settle down in Liverpool.

Joe Cole said of the transfer to Liverpool: “I have played in London all my life. I could have stayed at Chelsea because the fans loved me and I won things, but I wanted to challenge myself and when Iknew Liverpool were interested it was a no-brainer because they are the biggest club in the country.”


Article originally published on Wags World Cup

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Coleen Rooney swaps Barbados for Las Vegas holiday

Posted July 17, 2010 By World Cup Wags
Coleen in Vegas with Wayne Rooney

Coleen and her entourage take in the sun as they swap the beautiful beaches of Barbados for the sun and fun of Las Veags..

Joined by a huge entourage of friends and their baby son Kai Wayne, the millionaire couple checked into the five-star Wynn Hotel – where they stay every summer

Whilst Wayne might need factor 60 sunscreen, Coleen was showing off her toned figure in a red frilly two-piece after losing 21 pounds through a no-sugar, low-carbohydrate diet and gym workouts with her personal trainer Elise Lindsay.

Coleen certainly looks the part in Vegas and World Cup Wags is looking forward to hearing all about what they get up to whilst over there..

Coleen in Vegas with Wayne RooneyColeen in Vegas with Wayne Rooney

Coleen in Vegas with Wayne RooneyColeen in Vegas with Wayne RooneyColeen in Vegas with Wayne RooneyColeen in Vegas with Wayne Rooney

Pictures from Splashnews

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Alex Curran is a WAG on vacation and she’s in a Bikini

Posted July 15, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Alex Curran is a WAG that pretty much everyone is familiar with, from the cheating rumours with husband Steven Gerrard, her Charity work in South Africa to the countless press columns she gets day in day out.

But, what Alex Curran is not is a topless lad mag model like most of the other footballer’s women. That, however, does not mean she is not worth looking at when she’s in a bikini, like today!

Curran is caught sunning herself, relaxing in Ibiza with her husband Steven Gerrard, the England and Liverpool captain.

Don’t forget though, unlike many of the other WAGs that World Cup Wags like to talk about, Alex appears to have a job. She’s a fashion columnist for the Daily Mirror. Oh, and a model, of course. Whatever… babe in a bikini alert…





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Victoria Beckham, WAG to the famous David Beckham and Queen of Beckenham palace…

Victoria’s turned her charms over to the fashion over the past few years and runs a successful fashion line under her name..  But what celebs are currently wearing Victorias fashion designs..

Victorian Beckham Fashion Designs

Well, the ‘banded minidress’ from Victoria Beckham’s spring/summer 2010 collection has proved a resounding hit with many celebratory A-listers, red carpet visits as well..

The most recent of all is Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger (left) who stepped out in Victoria’s dress design when making an appearance as a judge at the X Factor auditions in Manchester.

American actresses Jennifer Hudson (centre) and Blake Lively (right) also couldn’t resist the peplum creation, with its quirky, three-quarter-length sleeves at a recent red carpet event.

So while David might not be upping the family coffers by taking on the England Managerial role any time soon, Victoria’s growing success in the fashion industry continues to do well..

Who said WAGS just sponged off their other halves.

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How Coleen Rooney lost 21 pounds of weight in just 4 months

Posted July 14, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Just before the birth of their baby boy Kai, Coleen told the great British press that she would not be rushed into losing her baby fat but looking at recent photos of the Rooney’s in Barbados last week it seems the Coleen has dropped her weight fast and has lost 21 pounds in under 4 months.

coleen rooney weight loss

As unbelievable as it seems, the wife of England striker Wayne Rooney put on a stone and a half while pregnant with Kai

So what’s Coleen’s secret?  The 24-year-old fashion icon cut out sugar from her diet and started working out with her personal trainer Elise Lindsay three times a week.

Previously fluctuating between size 10 to 12 before her pregnancy, 5ft 3 Coleen is now a size 8 after shifting one and half stone.

The Daily Mail reported that a friend of the WAG said she is avoiding carbohydrates and doing a combination of weights, floor exercises, running, swimming and walking to shift the pounds.

The source told Closer magazine: ‘She’s pretty much been living on salads with chicken or fish as well as loads of veg. She’s been having smaller portions too. The weight’s just fallen off.

It seems it’s all down to a good diet and sheer determination to lose weight the intelligent way.  Slowly and healthily.  ’Coleen makes sure she does at least 30 minutes a day of cardio, either a run, swim or fast walk.’

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