Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy postpone wedding for World Cup

Further to many Capello outbursts, new rules for the England squad that involve WAGS being banned from South Africa news is just in that Peter Crouch has now come out stating: “No marriage this summer. The World Cup is the most important thing.”. It’s just another shocking addition to the straight laced modern day footballer persona that Capello is trying to shape, pushing our lovely WAGS further and further away.

Couch has been recorded saying “When you are a kid, you dream of playing for England, dream of playing in a World Cup. But there were times – certainly at the start of my career – when you can’t imagine it.”

“There are players out there who you know are going to be world-beaters right from the start… Stevie Gerrard, Wayne Rooney. I had to go along a different road,” he added.

Everyone at World Cup Wags was looking forward to a long awaited WAG wedding Abigail Clancy but it looks like that’s going to have to wait until after the World Cup.

WAGS Abbey Clancy and Toni Poole arrive at Wembley Stadium to watch their footballing fellas play for England in the World Cup qualifiers
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  1. Comment by Yun Soren:

    thanks lots, I am obliged to say your blog is excellent!

  2. Comment by Kelley Panton:

    In my estimation, wayne rooney is without question the very best soccer player in the world, and i can’t wait to see him win the golden boot for the most goals scored in this world cup.

  3. Comment by Aisleyne Horgan Wallace:

    @Doomdauk i hope they do that with all the seasons now that its finishing!!

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