Abbey Clancy Dangerously Thin in Dubia

Abigail Clancy has been spotted dangerously thin in Dubai, which is becoming “the WAG destination” for holidays.

Abigail (and her mum Karen) flew off to Dubai for a holiday for a relaxing break after filming a show for ITV2 called The Parent Trip, which will be screened next week where Abbey claims to have lost up to 5 lbs due to the food she was eating.

Abbey Clancy trekked across the Thar Desert with a family of gypsy dancers and lived on a diet of curry which as a result she claims she lost 5lb.

Speaking about her recent trip to India, and subsequent weight loss, Abbey said: “All we ate was curry,” she said.

“We would have curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner. “After a few days, we were craving it and couldn’t wait for our brekkie. I lost 5lb. I was 8st 7lb before I left.”

“I was also eating so much bread, but I didn’t have any sweets or chocolate. At home I have to have a dessert every night – cheesecake or chocolate pudding.”

Her fiancé Peter Crouch remained at home while Abbey and her spitting image mother Karen filmed for ITV’s new show The Parent Trip.

Watch Abbey in The Parent Trip on ITV2 on April 8 at 9pm- World Cup Wags cant wait!

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  2. Comment by Alexandra Ecton:

    She is a total babe without a doubt.

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