Abbey Clancy is Queen of the WAGs

Has someone got a crush on Abbey Clancy?

ABBEY Clancey is Queen of the football WAGs, according to her World Cup Live co-host James Corden.

Gavin And Stacey star James Corden has told the Daily Star that Abbey is the “sexiest and hottest of the lot” when asked about which WAG he thought was tip top..

And looking at these sexy pictures of Abbey who could say no.

As a role model to many, and underwear model to more, Abbey is not shy on showing off her sexy curves. Crouch is one lucky footballer.

The blonde beauty Clancy, 24, is engaged to England striker and tall man himself, Peter Crouch, but following Fabio’s rules on WAGS and the World Cup, decided not to fly out to support her man in South Africa.

Abbey being the business women that she’s turning into, instead decided to join James Cordon, 31, on the sofa of his new post World Cup show to discuss the action and give her Wag views across to the world.

James, the larger than life funnyman says he’s glad of the company. Hard to see why he would’nt be really.

He revealed to the Daily Star: “The prospect of doing the show was just so daunting because it’s live.

“But I wanted to give it a go. I knew I’d regret it otherwise. Besides, being nervous is not a bad thing. It shows you care.

“The England football players are huge heroes of mine and I couldn’t believe I was actually going to be able to watch the whole of the World Cup at work.”

Since James’s rise to fame he has been rubbing shoulders with football heroes a lot becoming good friends with Rio Ferdinand in the process.

“Rio’s a good friend now,” he says. “I played golf with Steven Gerrard and went night-fishing with John Terry. Both were very funny.”

“I’m just incredibly flattered anyone would want to give me a job,” he says.

“I love acting and being on TV. I used to be arrogant but now my friends and family keep me grounded. I’m in a good place now.”

With Abbey in tow, World Cup Wags will have our eyes glued to the TV set as well..

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