Alex Curran cleans cars the WAG way

Alex Curran cleans cars the WAG way and buy does she look good doing it…

Alex Curran washing a car

WAGs haven’t always got the go ahead to do the best things in the world.. Here’s proof that they actually have to do real crappy things like cleaning cars!

But, unlike us normal peps, our WAGS have to be dressed for any occasion and cleaning a car isn’t anything different.

If super sexy WAG, and wife of England Captain Steven Gerrard, Curran thinks people will believe for one second that she can actually work a sponge and clean her car, let alone that she does it dolled up like this, she’s got another things coming.

It’s great to see though and in the run up to the World Cup, World Cup Wags is sure that Alex needs all the money from shoots that she can get to pay for those steep prices of Upper Class seats.

Luckily for all of World Cup Wag readers though, Alex got into her “car-washing gear” to promote a new competition where one lucky lady can win a WAG’s lifestyle for a week with Hyundai and HEAT magazine and live in a big manor house. Nice, World Cup Wags will have the Lobster please…

Much like Heat, we like the idea of that, as long as they can ensure there’s no car-washing required…

If you fancy becoming a WAG for a week then go to the official Facebook page here or visit Heat Magazine to read more.

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  1. Comment by Tara:

    Ive been searching everywhere for an outfit similiar to the one alex is wearing in this shot but have had no luck :( please please can u help me??

  2. Comment by World Cup Wags:

    Hi Tara

    Through some tough World Cup Wags brainstorming sessions we think that the top is from Arrogant Cat and the shorts are from Topshop. The shoes are most definitely Christian Louboutins

    It was a Heatworld photoshoot so if not you can always contact them..

    Best of luck, we think the look is great..

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