Has England captain Steven Gerrard been having an affair (again)?

As always, when either England or an English team perform badly people start to look for excuses and this one’s a corker.. England captain Steven Gerrard has again been rocked by internet lies over an alleged ‘affair’..

Allegations are rife on the web and down the local pubs that the footballer had an affair with his wife’s 16-year-old sister following England’s defeat by Germany last weekend. Not only this though, John Terry was so miffed that Gerrard was allowed to keep the captaincy that he got disillusioned with England, hence his terrible World Cup performance..

Within hours the rumours had spread across the world through internet football forums, blogs and social networking sites such as Twitter.

Last night though, the claims were dismissed as ‘rubbish’ by insiders – not least on the grounds that Gerrard’s wife, Alex Curran, does not even have a sister.

Media lawyers have warned that it is virtually impossible to stop malicious gossip from spreading on the internet, largely as a result of the growing popularity of social networking sites.

Fan site Redcafe.net report that the News of the World are planning to break the story this week – while some sources are suggesting Gerrard has a court injunction to keep the girl quiet.

There are also rumours circulating that Gerrard’s wife Alex Curran has been having an affair with a Derby County player.

According to some sites, Gerrard will leave Liverpool at the end of the season after finding out about the affair.

Of course, it could all be scurrilous gossip with no foundation whatsover. Watch this space.

Alex Curran at the Death By Daylight event held at Bungalow 8 nightclub in London
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  2. Comment by rebeccah moore:

    steven gerrard would not get a imagenary 16 year old girl pregnat of that i am shour. he hes 2 loving cairing and sweet 2 do that and if he has i am not saying he has it wouldnt chang how good he is at football and alex only has 2 siblings and bothe brothers so there i rest my case and he loves his wife and kids 2 much 2 betray them

  3. Comment by rebeccah moore:

    i am saying this 2 proove a point that i am a big fan of liverpool and i <3 gerro so i am saying this 2 the press and the papers so back of him

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