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Did you miss this over the weekend?? WorldCupWags knew that some of our favourite WAGS were going shopping (Link) for the Grand National, but Alex Curran and Coleen Rooney blew us away with their fashion get-ups on the day..

Although we knew Coleen was always in the running to be top dressed WAG, joining Coleen, 24, was fellow WAG Alex Curran, 27, who went for riskier pointy shoulder pads and looked amazing.

John Smiths Grand National: Ladies Day
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Alex Curran Spotted with Dangerous Sea Kelp Diet Pills

Posted March 23, 2010 By World Cup Wags

The latest in WAGS World, Steven Gerrard’s wife, Alex Curran 27, has been spotted out and about holding what seems to be a box of Sea Kelp Diet Pills. Is this a distress call to the press about the pressure of being a WAG and having to slim down for the roadshow that the World Cup will provide?

It is thought the tablets can be used to aid weight loss, but experts have warned against using them because of the lack of research into their long-term effects.

Sion Porter, a dietician from the British Dietetic Association, has told The Daily Mail: “People mistakenly think that because these are natural tablets they must be harmless, but used in the wrong way they can be very dangerous.

“The worry is that if young girls start to copy their idols, thinking this will offer them quick-fix weight loss, they are likely to make themselves very ill.”

Alex Curran, talking about her weight loss over the last year said: ‘Last year a pap took some pics of me and I had a few rolls. I’ve been eating rubbish for so many years.
‘Eating’s a boredom thing. When you’ve got nothing else to do, you just start planning your next meal.’

It seems Alex is opting for the easier route her to a flat stomach and in doing so is sending out a bad message to all of the young girls that idealise here so much..

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Steven Gerrard has laid down the gauntlet to his wife Alex saying that she is not allowed to South Africa until the Semi Final stages of the World Cup Competition.

The England star outlined his plans to the rest of the English team before tonights friendly.

Wags World Cup don’t think he could have earned more brownie points from Capello if he tried but believe that the WAG community is reeling from this new move and are not in favor.

The Daily Mail quote – A WAG circus including Victoria Beckham and the then Coleen McLoughlin descended on the Black Forest town of Baden-Baden during the World Cup campaign four years ago in Germany and was widely criticised for upsetting England’s chances of glory.

Gerrard said at a press conference for tonight’s Egypt game at Wembley: ‘I don’t know if having the WAGs there affected our performance last time.

‘I can’t tell you that, but my wife won’t be there this time, not unless we get to the semis or the final. She’s got two kids who’ll be in school and it’s a long way away. If we get to the semis, she deserves to come and see me.’

Gerrard made his comments yesterday at a press event and following on from news that Coleen Rooney would also not be attending the World Cup.

Steven Gerrard’s wife Alex said yesterday: ‘I’ll only be in Sun City for a few days. It’s so far and I’m not into football. Steve makes me watch but I don’t understand it.’

Last week Capello made it very clear that he did not want the WAGS on mass to South Africa saying “I don’t know where they will stay, it’s not my concern. I’m hoping there will be a virus.”

It’s yet to be seen which WAGS will fly the English flag in South Africa for World Cup Wags but we’ll be there for every step reporting on their activities.

Brit Awards 2008 - Outside Arrivals
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Alex Curran in Pictures

Posted February 8, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Looking for the latest Alex Curran photos..  Look no further

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