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This Sunday can’t be a day of rest for Imogen Thomas and Manchester Uniteds squeaky clean (cough cough) Ryan Giggs…

After yesterdays public Twitter argument with WAG Nicola McLean, Imogen Thomas has now read the Sunday newspapers to discover that she was not the only woman in Ryan Giggs’ love life (Let’s not bring the wife into this though).

Contrary to thoughts that she’d be pleased that the bad attention is starting to come off her and go onto Giggs who has found himself hitting headlines once again, this time for an alleged extra-marital affair with his brother’s wife, Imogen today Tweeted: “I just wanna curl up and die today.”

Giggs, following his alleged affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas, who was gagged with a super-injunction, now has even more claims of betrayal that have stunned his fans. The News Of The World today claimed that the multi-millionaire footballer even spent the night with estate agent Natasha, his brothers wife, last month on April 9.

With the affair said to have lasted over 8 years, Natasha told the NOTW: ‘I knew it was wrong. It’s the worst possible betrayal. I tried to end it but my relationship with Ryan was like an addiction. Anything he said, I did, I couldn’t say no.’ But, with the rumoured affair with Imogen Thomas hitting the headlines it seems that Natasha couldn’t bite her tongue any more and confessed all to the sunday paper.

World Cup Wags will be following this story with interest and we’re sure that you all will too..

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Wayne Rooney found to be cheating with prostitutes

Posted September 6, 2010 By World Cup Wags

We’ve had weeks of speculation about who the next footballer was to have been caught cheating after rumours of a new injunction against the papers but we never expected Wayne Rooney would have been the culprit.

Wayne confessed the cheating to our favourite WAG and new mum, Coleen yesterday after finding out that the story would hit the papers this morning. .Wayne has reportedly slept with 21-year-old prostitute Jennifer Thompson, who charges £1,200 a night, seven times in four months. They had sex in The Lowry hotel in Manchester and visited nightclubs and casinos together.
It is understood his lawyers tried to fight the allegations when they first surfaced three weeks ago, but ultimately decided they were indefensible because of previous revelations about the star and prostitutes.

Last night, the Jennifer Thompson, from Bolton, was reported as saying:“Wayne chased me with sex texts and paid in wads of cash. He didn’t seem to care he was betraying Coleen.

“Wayne certainly enjoyed all our meetings and didn’t seem to care what he was doing to his wife. I think he believes he is invincible and untouchable. As a woman, I wouldn’t want that done to me – especially if I was pregnant.”

She first met Rooney in June last year at the Manchester 235 Casino, five months before Coleen gave birth to the footballer’s son Kai. Rooney was there drinking with relatives and United teammate Rio Ferdinand. He called her over to the VIP area and, she says, they ended up kissing in a corner.

Later, at 3am, he texted her to ask if they could meet up. She told him he would have to pay. He responded: “That’s not a problem.”

He then invited her friend, who he had also met in the club, to join them, it is alleged. They met a week later at the five-star Lowry hotel in Salford, Greater Manchester.

She said: “Wayne told us he’d never had a threesome before. He was shy and awkward.“I asked Wayne if he’d ever been with vice girls before. Then I remembered he had. I told him I remembered reading about him and the granny, but he just laughed it off.”

She says they met many times, although from then on it was only the two of them. At each meeting he would pull out a ‘wad of notes’ from his pocket and hand her £1,200 in twenties and fifties.

Miss Thompson said: “Wayne had a few different mobile phones to contact me, all pay-as-you-go throwaways.”

On another occasion, she ran into him at a party at Rio Ferdinand’s Rosso Italian restaurant.

“I went with a few girls and the whole team was there. They were all very drunk,”she said.

“We hadn’t arranged to meet but Wayne spotted me in the crowd. About half an hour later he held my hand in front of everyone and led me away down these stairs.

“Michael Owen was looking at him in disgust. Wayne made no effort to be discreet and I was embarrassed. He took me downstairs into the cooking area and into an office.”

Poor poor Coleen and baby Kai- we thought more of Wayne Rooney. Are you shocked?

Article from Wags World Cup

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Alex Curran and Gerrard trying for a baby in September!!

Posted July 7, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Alex Curran, Gerrards WAG, has told OK magazine that they will both be trying (together) for a baby in September..

Liverpool fans unite.. Why don’t they try for babies before the season starts and why September? World Cup Wags has done some HR investigations and it could be down to the maternity leave Alex is after from any one of her jobs (really, no really)..

If you do want to read the whole article, Alex Curran/Gerrard exclusively reveals she’s planning another baby with Steven Gerrard in this week’s OK!

Alex Curran with OK Magazine

The mother-of-two revealed: “I’m happy with my two girls; they’re at a lovely age and are loads of fun…

“Although I think Steven my like a boy at some point in the future.”

She went on: “Lexie starts school in September so that means the house will be quiet, so you never know, we may start trying then!”

Seems like they could be trying to quash some of the Steven Gerrard rumours that are flying around again..

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As always, when either England or an English team perform badly people start to look for excuses and this one’s a corker.. England captain Steven Gerrard has again been rocked by internet lies over an alleged ‘affair’..

Allegations are rife on the web and down the local pubs that the footballer had an affair with his wife’s 16-year-old sister following England’s defeat by Germany last weekend. Not only this though, John Terry was so miffed that Gerrard was allowed to keep the captaincy that he got disillusioned with England, hence his terrible World Cup performance..

Within hours the rumours had spread across the world through internet football forums, blogs and social networking sites such as Twitter.

Last night though, the claims were dismissed as ‘rubbish’ by insiders – not least on the grounds that Gerrard’s wife, Alex Curran, does not even have a sister.

Media lawyers have warned that it is virtually impossible to stop malicious gossip from spreading on the internet, largely as a result of the growing popularity of social networking sites.

Fan site report that the News of the World are planning to break the story this week – while some sources are suggesting Gerrard has a court injunction to keep the girl quiet.

There are also rumours circulating that Gerrard’s wife Alex Curran has been having an affair with a Derby County player.

According to some sites, Gerrard will leave Liverpool at the end of the season after finding out about the affair.

Of course, it could all be scurrilous gossip with no foundation whatsover. Watch this space.

Alex Curran at the Death By Daylight event held at Bungalow 8 nightclub in London
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As if Capello’s ban on WAGS wasn’t enough, Fabio is now looking to ensure that the World Press have no reason to follow the whole England team around in South Africa by banning booze totally..

Even the odd glass of wine with evening meals has been banned in what’s seen as Fabios regimented management style.

The ban, which also applies to FA officials, has been agreed by all the staff and is part of the Italian’s strategy to foster team spirit, News of the World reports.

The players have been left in no doubt by Capello there will be strict adherence to his rules and they will be punished if they fall out of line.

Earlier, Capello had told his players that he will not permit any hanky-panky at the World Cup in South Africa and had banned all WAGs.

It has also been revealed that he will be able to call on his stars 24 hours a day using their hotel televisions so players better be careful what they do in their rooms.

Capello has previously banned all WAGs from joining the World Cup party. And the players’ families have now accused the Football Association of deliberately shutting them out.

Capello, 63, is desperate to avoid a repeat of the last World Cup in Germany where their boozy antics were blamed for ruining the team’s chances of glory. He’s setting a precedent here. If England don’t deliver, it’s only Fabio that would be to blame in many peoples eyes.

England Training session pre Ukraine match 06/10/09 Photo Nicky Hayes Fotosports International Fabio Capello.
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Alex Curran will defy Capello’s WAG ban at World Cup

Posted June 6, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Alex Curran has revealed that she will disobey Fabio Cappello’s World Cup WAGs ban if England reach the semi-finals, according to a report.

Curran’s husband is the Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard, who was appointed England captain following Rio Ferdinand’s withdrawl following an injury.

Alex told the News of the World that she would fly off to South Africa to watch her hubby play if England reach the latter stages of the tournament.

She said: “Steven will definitely be a great captain. I know he’ll do a good job like he does at Liverpool, and I’m sure they’ll all pull together.

“I’ve decided to stay at home in England to watch the early games and will only go to South Africa if they make the semi-finals.

“From what I hear, not many wives or girlfriends are going out there – unless the team gets to the final that is.

“Nothing’s been organised this year by the FA, so if we want to go we’ll have to make our own plans.”

WAG Alex Curran also added: “If we do make it to the semi-finals – and my fingers and toes are firmly crossed – I’ll have to sort out my travel plans at the last minute.

“I can go as long I don’t come into contact with Steven. I don’t think I’ll be able to see him at all. I’d be there just to go to the games.”

Well done to that WAG Alex..

Daily Mirrors Pride Of Britain Awards
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Here at World Cup Wags we were really worried about out little Theo but luckily things look to be turning around for him and his lovely WAG… eases Theo Walcott’s World Cup Woes with a free trip to South Africa since Fabio kicked him out of the World Cup Squad.. A shame really because his WAG is truly lovely.

The 21-year-old was surprisingly axed from this year’s England World Cup squad, but is offering the footballer and his girlfriend, Melanie Slade, a trip to South Africa so they don’t miss out on the action.

Mark Bower, head of lifestyle for says: “Walcott must be disappointed at not making the squad. wanted to ease his World Cup woes, so we’ve offered him and his girlfriend a free trip to South Africa. It seems the only ‘three lions’ Theo will see this summer are on safari.”

Great work LastMinute.. Your a favorite of World Cup Wags and thanks for ensuring that as many WAGS get out to South Africa as possible..

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WAGS and breakups.. There’s something about those two words that always seem to create stories and this World Cup is no different.

The age old question has been raised about whether or notl there be a World Cup break up in the England squad?

What with Fabio banning a lot of the England WAGs from the World Cup and therefore being left at home while the squad travel to South Africa, there are the obvious rumours that several of Fabio Capello’s squad could be set for summer break-ups.

According to BettingPro – WilliamHill have opened a book on which of the 23-man squad will be the first to end his relationship, and they make Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley the 4/1 favourite in the market. Could this be to do with Franks earlier comments this year about wanting to focus on “just football and not WAGS”

There are continued rumous around Steven Gerrard and Alex Curran breaking up – will they prove true?

David Beckham, whilst not part of the England playing staff is 16/1 to break with Victoria, while manager Fabio Capello and wife Laura Ghisi are 50/1 outsiders to be the first to separate.

Hill’s spokesman Rupert Adams said:

“The WAG circus in 2006 did little to improve England’s chances but absence is unlikely to make the heart grow fonder this time round,”

For all the latest World Cup Wags odds check out William Hill here:

First To Officially Split With WAG: 4/1 Christine Bleakley & Frank Lampard, 5/1 Alex Curran & Steven Gerrard, 5/1 Amanda Salmon & David James, 11/2 Toni Poole & John Terry, 6/1 Carly Zucker & Joe Cole, 6/1 Montana Manning & Aaron Lennon, 6/1 Abigail Clancy & Peter Crouch, 6/1 Chantelle Tagoe & Emile Heskey, 12/1 Rebecca Ellison & Rio Ferdinand, 16/1 Victoria Adams & David Beckham, 20/1 Danielle Bux & Gary Lineker, 20/1 Ellie Darby & Mathew Upson, 20/1 Lisa Roughead & Michael Carrick, 25/1 Colleen McLoughlin & Wayne Rooney, 25/1 Louise Nerding & Jamie Redknapp, 25/1 Nicola Carragher & Jamie Carragher, 33/1 Louise Barry & Gareth Barry, 50/1 Fabio Capello & Laura Ghisi

Check out – World Cup Betting for more Free Bets

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WAGS Sex Ban During World Cup

Posted May 31, 2010 By World Cup Wags

English Footballers and their WAGS, in sunny South Africa and needing a bit of unwind time!! Not with Fabio around..

Fabio has raised the subject again about whether or not the UK’s World Cup WAG squad should lie back and think of England.

England manager Fabio Capello has once again stated that he has limited the access his players will have to their WAGS (wives and girlfriends) to one day after each game, with restrictions getting even stricter should the team progress. Now that doesn’t sound like a way to motivate the English Football team, what with many of the players having just come out of a heavy spell of sordid sex scandals in some of our favorite daily papers.

Reported in the Guardian: “There is a historic element that has become a kind of mythology in sport,” says Greg Whyte, professor of applied sport and exercise science at Liverpool John Moores University. “The Ancient Greeks believed that sex was detrimental in the build up to the Olympics – that it sapped energy, lowered test-osterone and reduced aggression. But research runs counter to this. There have been a few studies on sex before sport and they have shown it has no effect on performance. However, sleep quality is crucial in terms of performance and sex can enhance sleep, so therefore it may enhance performance.” Unless it’s preventing them getting any sleep.

But, looking at other teams and their WAGS, Croatia’s players, during Euro 2004, were told by team doctor Zoran Bahtijarevic that their love- making should “not involve any excessive sex”. Will the English sensibilities allow this or will the WAGS find their way around the rules?

The question that rears it’s head after the circus of England’s last competitive competition is that if the WAGS aren’t getting satisfied by their partners, will they look elsewhere? World Cup WAGS will be tracking all of the news so stay tuned.

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Liverpool’s new Home and Away kit announced

Posted April 22, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Liverpool have just released pictures of their new Home and Away football kit with their new sponsor – Standard Chartered..

WorldCupWags has been privileged enough to be sent through from what we believe is the Liverpool PR HQ but that might not be fully true..

Check out the Home and Away kits below..

Home Kit (Click to enlarge)

Away Kit (Click to enlarge)

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