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Baby ‘joy’ for WAGs dream Cristiano Ronaldo

Posted July 4, 2010 By World Cup Wags

The World Cup may have ended in utter disappointment for the ever slick and WAGS dream, but the Portugal captain has a great reason to smile after recently becoming a father.

Ronaldo, who plays for Real Madrid, announced this Sunday that he has been given full custody of his new born from an American woman.

Ronaldo dropped the news in as any young 20 something would, through Twitter, saying:

“It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become a father to a baby boy,”

Who the would be WAG is though is another question..

The 25-year-old who was knocked out of the World Cup by Spain, is not married to this American woman.

“With the agreement of the mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, I will have exclusive custody of my son,” added the world’s most expensive footballer.

“I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy [and that of the child] at least on issues as personal as these are.”

Cristiano RONALDO - 07.12.2008 - Ceremonie pour le Trophee du Ballon d'OR - Paris.Photo : Olivier Andrivon Local Caption Photo via Newscom

Good luck Ronaldo and we look forward to someday seeing your WAG in hiding coming out to help support you in your new life.

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Presenter Laura Esposto Inteviews – A WAG to be?

Posted June 4, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Straight from our friends at Soccerlens World Cup Wags has got hold of Laura Esposto’s Interview all about the World Cup.. Being a gorgious Football focused Women we couldn’t say no to posting this gem of an artilce.. Whilst not a WAG, there’s hope yet for the sexy lady..


The gorgeous Milan Channel presenter Laura Esposto has worked for Channel 5’s Football Italiano and modeled for various brands in the past.

This week Laura got on the phone with us and had a chat about all things football, including Milan-Bologna dilemma, beach volleyball, hot footballers, working in England and even the World Cup…

Let’s start with an easy one – why football, and why Milan?

I choose football. Football is my passion since I was young. I used to go to the stadium with my parents. So it’s my passion. I cannot say why, you know when it’s something that comes from somewhere and you don’t know where, it’s just passion. Because when I watch football… I like to watch it. When I watch some other sport maybe like basketball I get bored quickly.

When I watch football… I enjoy watching football. And Milan, AC Milan is because when I moved from Bologna to Milan in 2001, I moved from my home city, that is Bologna, to Milan and my friends here brought me to San Siro to watch AC Milan. And from there it just happened.

It says here that you were born in Bologna, any split loyalties between your home town and Milan?

No, it’s not like that. There are no split loyalties, no kind of rivalry. [There is rivalry between] between Lazio, Roma, Genoa, Sampdoria, Inter Milan but not between Bologna and Milan.

Do you play football yourself or would you like to if given the opportunity? Would you play for a Soccerlens Babes XI?

No, I don’t play football. I’ve never played football in my life. And I will never play it because I think it is strong, more physical for a woman. And also it changes your body, you develop really strong, big muscles in the legs. And I was a model in the past so maybe that is why I never thought to play football. But I play beach volleyball. So maybe if Soccerlens made beach volleyball babes XI I can join that.

How did you come to work for Milan TV?

It just happened. It happened because I did a spread for a famous magazine here in Italy. It was Max magazine special Top Model 2002 and we did that in Mauritius. And when I got back there were different events to promote it and at one of these events I met a guy that is the owner of AC Milan channel and he asked [me] if I wanted to change direction a little bit and go from modeling to TV because they were looking for a woman that could not only be a journalist but also the face of AC Milan channel. And I wanted to change because I prefer to talk and not only to pose in front of the camera. So it was a good occasion/opportunity because I love football and I love to talk, not like model that you never talk.

Do you have any future projects planned after this? What would be your dream gig (TV or otherwise)?

I’m still working on TV and I would like to continue with my job as a football presenter. I would like also, it would be amazing to do something again in England. Because you know I did a big show, I was presenter of Football Italiano on Channel Five but then there was a little bit of crisis of Italian football and also in general in 2008 when I finished work in England. Like crisis is everywhere and I don’t know what is going on with Italian football for next year but I would really like to cover Serie A in the UK. That would be my dream.

Again, For me it is easier to do something connected with Italian football because I know more about that. For example it is difficult to have me to talk for example about Premier League when there are a lot of better journalists, English ones that can do better then me. Instead with Italian football I know I can do a good job. So I would like to present Italian football again in the UK. It’s my dream.

You’re beautiful, you cover football on national television, so there must be plenty of occasions where footballers ask you out. Any interesting stories to tell?

I have a lot of friends playing football. Of course, with my job it is normal that you have friends in football but at the moment seriously there is nothing to say about it.

I was looking forward to some juicy gossip.

I know, I know but if there will be something I will tell you. But at the moment there is nothing interesting about it because I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. I am ready but at the moment nothing.

You know, the only reason we asked the last question was to build up to this one – who do you think are the three hottest footballers around?

We have to say the same – Cristiano Ronaldo

I was actually expecting Borriello.

But for me Marco Borriello is a nice guy and is single at the moment. And I know him but we are just friends so I don’t think it’s going to be something different. And I think he is a good looking guy that’s for sure.

But also Cristiano Ronaldo, you cannot say others. Fernando Torres and also of course, you have to say, I think David Beckham. And I know him because we met in a restaurant because he played for AC Milan and also he had a very bad injury when he played here that’s why he is not going to the World Cup. But we met and we had a chat and I can say that he is a very interesting guy, you know he is not only beautiful, he also has something else beside being a football player.

You know a lot of football players, you watch them and you say okay he is a good looking guy but there is nothing to talk about. So I can say, for me, it is important to be good looking but also to have personality. Of course David Beckham is not for me because he is married with three children so we could be only friends.

Bad boys or good boys – our readers will like to know who interest you more?

I think that at the beginning what attracts you more is bad boys. What attracts me more is bad boys. But at the end good boys is better to be with. So it would be best a mix of a bad boy and a good boy altogether. I will have to find a guy that is both – a little bit bad and a little bit good, that’s the best.

How do you stay in such great shape?

I’ll tell you – I don’t like to work out because I think it’s a little bit boring. So I tried with machines in the gym but that is not what I like. I prefer to play beach volleyball. And I play beach volleyball all year because we have covered beach volleyball ground so I can do my sport all year here in Milan. And I play two times a week and this is the secret – it is very, very good for the shape. And then you have fun so I don’t get bored because I love beach volleyball. So I only work out with beach volleyball. And it’s very good, it works.

If one of the Soccerlens readers could take you out on a date – what would impress you and why?

Normally, it’s like to be themselves, not to be something that you are not. And make me laugh.

Shopping. Does it ring any bells or are you not that spoiled?

I like to go shopping. But I only buy things I really like. You know, I’m not a compulsive shopper or shopping girl. So I’m not going to go around and buy everything. I’m very focused, if there is something that I really like and that I can buy by the way. But otherwise no.

And finally, a bit about Milan. Thoughts on their current Serie A campaign? They’ve not done that well have they?

Ok, AC Milan is looking for a trainer at the moment and it’s going to be 90% [Massimilano] Allegri and also then when we will have the football manager then we can think about campaigning to buy new players. Normally, unfortunately at the moment in Italy we don’t have the same… como se dice [translated: as they say]… our football is not competitive.

There is no money like Premier League or La Liga because we have a problem inside, you know we don’t have the stadium, no property stadium, the stadium is public so we cannot have the money from the stadium, we have different problems at the moment. So we don’t have enough money to compete with the other leagues and buy good players, that is a really big problem at the moment here. But about AC Milan, the strategy at the moment is to go into young players, you know Primavera (youth playing at AC Milan), they are to become players but they are in the younger AC Milan team. So they want to focus on the young players, that is what they want to do.

And of course they don’t want to sell the stars that we have like Ronaldinho, [Alexandre] Pato and [Thiago] Silva. We want to keep them and then focus on the youth. This is the only way to do something when you don’t have enough money to buy the stars.

The World Cup is around the corner, we know you would want them to win but what are your realistic expectations from the Azzurri?

I don’t have big hopes to tell you the truth. I don’t know. First of all it is difficult to do big things for the second time. But I would like to see a final between England and Italy, it would be great to watch the face of Capello, who is an Italian manager when there will be the Italian national anthem, it would be great. But I’m not sure we can reach the final, that’s the truth.

Thanks to Soccerlens for this artilce and if you really fancy getting an eye full of the lovely Laura (we recommend it) then click through to their pictures here

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