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Some of our favourite WAGS are set to appear on the hit Channel 4 program “Come Dine with Me”

Nicola T, the past Big Brother contestant, is set to take part in a WAG Come Dine With Me special with The Sun reporting that the one-off episode of the hit C4 show will air before the World Cup in June.

Bittersweet Partnership - Summer Garden Party Arrivals

Nicola T, real surname, Tappenden – whose partner is ‘Crewe Alexandras’ Simon Walton (Not very premier league but good enough for a WAG), will be joined by Jessica Lawlor, Chantelle Tago and Jude Cisse. World Cup Wags hasn’t heard of these girls before either so don’t worry, but they’re are all apparently living with footballers.

Nicola T- a glamour model apparently suffered food poisoning from Lawlor’s dinner, which resulted in Walton standing in for her on the next meal at Tago’s WAG mansion.

World Cup Wags will be watching the program closely this coming June to see whether or not this might, just might, have been down to too much drink.

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