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WAG Alert -The Ultimate Manchester United WAG XI.

Posted July 10, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Dan Fitch, from Betfairs Betting.Betfair Blog writes - It’s all very well being brilliant at football, but what use is that if you’ve got no one to cook your dinner for you, or tastefully furnish your Alderly Edge mansion?

Behind every good footballer is a good WAG. Here’s a team of the girls who stand united with the boys from Old Trafford.

Goalkeeper – Evelina Bruhn

Evelina is the missus of Tomasz Kuszczak and our team’s goalkeeper.

Right Back – Leanne Brown

Leanne is married to Wes Brown and is the mother of his two children Halle and Lilia.

Left Back – Sandra Evra

Oh la la… United’s French left-back Patrice Evra is married to Sandra.

Centre Back – Ana Vidic

Most WAGs are interested in their partner’s finances, but very few have a degree in economics like Nemanja Vidic’s wife Ana.

Centre Back – Rebecca Ferdinand

Pity the poor wife of Rio Ferdinand, who has to put up with his daily merking.

Central Midfield – Claire Scholes

Surprised that Scholes’ wife isn’t a minger? Well he has always possessed brilliant ball control.

Central Midfield – Hayley Fletcher

As this picture of Darren Fletcher’s wife Hayley proves, the Scottish midfielder is another United player boxing outside his weight.

Right Midfield – Daniela Martins

Providing some flair on the flanks, is Nani’s girlfriend Daniela Martins.

Left Midfield – Stacey Giggs

Having dallied with Dani Behr and that one out of Hollioakes, Giggsy settled down with his wife Stacey.

Striker – Coleen Rooney

Few WAGs have made better use of their fame than Coleen Rooney, who has carved out a career as a columnist and TV presenter.

Striker – Elena Shtilianov

Dimitar Berbatov may not be the most popular United player, but his girlfriend Elena Shtilianov looks like the star performer in our WAG XI.

Manager – Cathy Ferguson

Our team of pampered WAGs are probably used to receiving the hairdryer treatment at their local salons, so Fergie’s wife Cathy should be able to keep them in line.

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Holland Football team REALLY appreciate their WAGs

Posted July 8, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Hey Capello, is this what you should have been doing with the England team?? Dutch WAGs send their heroes off with a kiss to play in the World Cup final…

gertrude kuyt

The Netherlands’ victorious World Cup squad moved in to their new hotel today – and were sent on their way by their clearly adoring wives and girlfriends (WAGs).

Unlike Fabios’ England team, the Dutch aces were not banned from seeing their WAGs and maybe, just maybe, this was the difference between management of the teams and what brought the best out of the players..

And unlike England’s team, Holland have played brilliantly – and now have the Cup itself in their sights.

marrten stekelenburg

Team England had complained bitterly under manager Fabio Capello’s disciplined World Cup regime – which included no WAGs for the duration of the tournament, no game systems to play and no drink at all.

Fabio made headlines in the lead up to the World Cup tournament with the decision, fearing a repeat of the WAGs’ outrageous antics during England’s failed 2006 campaign in Germany, that ALL wives and girlfriends would be banned form coming along to South Africa.

Dutch Wags

At the time he said: ‘We’re going to South Africa to play, not for a holiday. If they don’t want to come for the day only, they should stay home.’

Oh Fabio, would you change your mind if you could? By the looks on the faces of the Dutch stars World Cup Wags would say yes you would…


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Do you want to be like a WAG? Then read on….

Posted June 30, 2010 By World Cup Wags

WAGs… A lot of people think they are just with their men for the glory and money that they provide but more increasingly it seems that normal everyday women are trying to emulate these Wives and Girlfriends and are picking their men for all the wrong reasons..

OK! associate editor Phil Gould explained that ordinary women are increasingly becoming obsessed with becoming an WAG.

“I think it’s their glamorous lifestyles – all the girls who read OK magazine aspire to be a WAG and have their lifestyle really,” he said.

Helping women in this new age pursuit of the perfect fame and money giving husband, OK magazine has launched a Celebspotter app, which lets users find out where the rich and famous have been hanging out in their local area, with the hope that women can start to frequent the same areas as their idols (and maybe hook up with similar men in the process).

However, Lizzie Cundy, who is married to ex-Chelsea player Jason, explained that it is important for women to be true to themselves when choosing a partner.

“I really think you should be with somebody for the right reasons, you have got to. Don’t just be with someone because they are a footballer,” she said.

Mrs Cundy added that if you meet a footballer and really like him then that is great, but not to go looking for a footballer to pair off with just for the sake of it.

World Cup Wags would love to have the WAG lifestyle but unless there is an iPhone app that tells us all where an when we need to be, orders the stretch limo (complete with champers) we’ll just stick to drinking down the local for the time being..

So, do you want to be like a WAG? Really??

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£9000 goodie bags for WAGs to attend cocktail party

Posted June 21, 2010 By World Cup Wags

WAGS have all the luck and it seems all the lifestyle that South Africa has to offer..

According to the Daily Mail England’s World Cup WAGs have been branded ‘disgusting’ after it emerged they will each receive £9,000-worth of jewellery, clothes and holidays – in exchange for attending a cocktail party in poverty-hit South Africa.

WAGs will be WAGs though and did we really think they would turn their heads to such large sums of money and a good cocktail party to boot??

The cocktail party is being hosted by South African cosmetics giant Optiphi who said that four WAGS will attend its promotional cocktail party in Pretoria on Friday grabbing the £9000 party bag in the process.

The company will give each WAG £9,000-worth of jewellery, dresses, shoes, beauty products and holidays.
Sex And The City dress designer Eric Way will be hosting a fashion show at the event.

Among the the WAGS expected to attend are the three players’ partners staying in Sun City – Emily Heskey’s fiancee Chantelle Tagoe, 27, Michael Carrick’s wife Lisa, 29, and Matthew Upson’s girlfriend Ellie Darby, 26.

Other WAGS now in South Africa include Glen Johnson’s wife Laura, with Peter Crouch’s girlfriend Abbey Clancy, 24.

34995, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Saturday October 17 2009. Tottenham Hotspurs striker Peter Crouch and fiancee Abbey Clancy enjoy a very late night out at London's Movida nightclub. The tired-looking couple left the club at around 4am, with Abbey sticking her head out of the sunroof of her chauffeur-driven vehicle, for a post-club, open air dance. Miss Clancy then proffered an obscene gesture to photographers before being driven off into the night. Photograph: © Ringo,

TV’s WAGS expert Lizzie Cundy, a friend of the England partners and a World Cup reporter for GMTV, Sky News and Five News, confirmed: ‘It’s true – Optiphi is giving four girls almost £10,000 of goodies each.
‘It contains bespoke jewellery, designer dresses and even a safari holiday if they want to come back to South Africa.’

An Optiphi spokeswoman said: ‘Eric Way and four of the England wives and girlfriends will be visiting us, having a pampering session and finishing the day with a cocktail evening with fashion designers.
‘We want to show the hospitality of South Africa towards England.

‘So each England players’ partner will receive goody bags with items to the value of 100,000 Rand (£9,000) at our cocktail evening.

‘They will each receive products from the sponsors including designer clothing, shoes, a safari and skincare products.

‘Four England players’ partners will receive the gifts, although we have not finalised which partners will receive them as yet.

‘We’re hosting a charity event and auction, will funds raised going to the Hear For Life 94.7 charity, which helps deaf children receive cochlear implants to regain hearing.

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Before they were WAGS – They were non WAGS

Posted June 13, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Yes, it’s happened. The World Cup has kicked off and Fabio Capellos ban on the WAGS seems to have worked – or has it?

Most of the WAGS have obeyed England manager Fabio Capello’s order to stay at home while their other halves take on the world through various paid deals. But no one seriously expects them to keep a low profile – do you??.

Our amazing WAGS have got more bling than the A-Teams Mr T, better tans than the leathery Judith Chalmers – and unless you’re on Mars – they’re going to be as hard to dodge as a penalty shootout with Germany.

But before Wags were Wags what were they and would you have paid any attention to them at all?

Coleen Rooney

Her bloke, THE MR ROONEY, is pretty nifty on the park and our Coleen is pitch-perfect in the fashion stakes – or there abouts. But back in 2003 she was just a dowdy schoolgirl… more Grunge Hill than Grange Hill.

Victoria Beckham

Now our Victoria is an international style icon with a range of designer gear including her own smell and jeans that make any arse look good. But long ago back in 1992, Beckham’s missus was happy to be seen in a T-shirt and jeans. And a lovely dimpled smile. We can’t imagine VB ever turn back the sands of time to be seen like that again…

Alex Curran

From sculpted, perfect flowing locks to haute couture, not a piece of her is out of place. But nine years ago, England and Liverpool’s captain Stevie G’s other half looked more natural …and showed more cheek than chic. How times change.

Abbey Clancy

Legs up to her lovely armpits (or her fella’s kneecaps). But before she met Peter Crouch, Super Wag Abbey preferred boyish vest-tops with a very odd taste in Boy Scout woggles. Abbey’s been turned around more than anyone in turns of WAGS and we love her..

Danielle Lloyd

Yes, she was Miss England back in 2004 and fiancé Jamie O’Hara is her fourth footballer. Her style has improved just slightly, but apparently not her IQ. In a TV test she said a statue of Churchill was Barack Obama – It was a black and white TV though with bad signal, honest…

DUBLIN, IRELAND - APRIL 13: Former celebrity Big Brother star Danielle Lloyd attends Touch Night Club, April 13, 2007 in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo by Showbiz Ireland/Getty Images)
LONDON - JULY 9:  British pop star Victoria Beckham attends the Elle Style Awards on July 9, 2000 in London. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)
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Alex Curran cleans cars the WAG way

Posted June 8, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Alex Curran cleans cars the WAG way and buy does she look good doing it…

Alex Curran washing a car

WAGs haven’t always got the go ahead to do the best things in the world.. Here’s proof that they actually have to do real crappy things like cleaning cars!

But, unlike us normal peps, our WAGS have to be dressed for any occasion and cleaning a car isn’t anything different.

If super sexy WAG, and wife of England Captain Steven Gerrard, Curran thinks people will believe for one second that she can actually work a sponge and clean her car, let alone that she does it dolled up like this, she’s got another things coming.

It’s great to see though and in the run up to the World Cup, World Cup Wags is sure that Alex needs all the money from shoots that she can get to pay for those steep prices of Upper Class seats.

Luckily for all of World Cup Wag readers though, Alex got into her “car-washing gear” to promote a new competition where one lucky lady can win a WAG’s lifestyle for a week with Hyundai and HEAT magazine and live in a big manor house. Nice, World Cup Wags will have the Lobster please…

Much like Heat, we like the idea of that, as long as they can ensure there’s no car-washing required…

If you fancy becoming a WAG for a week then go to the official Facebook page here or visit Heat Magazine to read more.

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Max Clifford: ‘WAGs’ popularity has peaked’

Posted June 1, 2010 By World Cup Wags

In shock news to World Cup Wags, Max Clifford has stated today that the popularity of our lovely footballers’ WAGS (wives and girlfriends) is past its peak… WHAT!!!!

The publicist suggested to More that such popularity “seems to have run its course” after the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Hardly though considering the lovely new WAGS that have cropped up in the past few years.

Clifford said: “The reality of being a WAG has never been that glamorous. These women are famous for no other reason aside from the fact that they’re on the arm of a Premiership footballer.

“A typical WAG is desperate for any type of publicity they can get. Not all of them are like that, but that’s what you associate with the label.

“Their goal is to be a wife or girlfriend, but if they can’t get that then wannabe WAGs will sell their stories to get into the papers.”

Max added: “Footballers have become the main target for kiss-and-tells in the past ten years, probably because a lot of them aren’t very bright, which makes them easy targets.

“We used to get girls phoning the office listing names of players who’d get them the best price for a kiss-and-tell so they could target them.

“The players exploit the girls, but the girls also exploit the men. But for all the naughty players there are the good ones too. Theo Walcott’s a bit smarter and stays out of trouble.”

Right or wrong, World Cup Wags doesn’t follow the same train of thought here as Max.. In the past year alone we’ve seen a increase in the number of TV programs with WAGS in from Charity gigs to trekking across the world, people are more in love with WAGS, their Fashion and their lifestyles then ever..

Do you agree or do you think all WAGS have had their time in the limelight..

Footballer WAG Carly Zucker is pictured celebrating her first night out clubbing after her recent pregnancy
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The Who’s Who of WAGS at the World Cup

Posted May 30, 2010 By World Cup Wags

With the WAGS World CUP moving full steam ahead, World Cup WAGS is running down the key people to keep an eye out for in South Africa with our World Cup Watch hat on.

From penalty takers to WAGs, from the old to the young, World Cup WAGS have it all covered before things kick-off in Johannesburg.

So, who are the celebrities who’ll be gate-crashing the tournament? There will be no escaping them this summer (whatever Capello wishes), so, if you want to know your Coleen’s from your Clancy’s, here’s THE WAG guide.

Abigail Clancy
Peter Crouch’s girlfriend is considered one of the most prominent England WAGs, appearing in lads mags on a regular basis and making appearances on various television shows.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 24/7: New York Launch Party

Victoria Beckham
Even though he’s injured, David Beckham is going to the World Cup in a coaching capacity. So expect ‘queen WAG’ Victoria to be close behind.

Victoria Beckham Out Shopping!

Coleen Rooney
Coleen has a burgeoning media career, working as a fashion columnist and TV presenter. And as the wife of England’s star asset Wayne she will find herself the centre of attention in South Africa

Sports News - April 10, 2010

Alex Curran
During the 2006 World Cup, Steven Gerrard’s wife was one of the most prominent WAGs in attendance, being followed by the paparazzi at every turn in Baden-Baden.

Alex Curran at the Death By Daylight event held at Bungalow 8 nightclub in London

Melanie Slade
When Theo Walcott was called up for the 2006 World Cup at the age of 17, his other half was the youngest WAG in attendance. Four years have passed and Slade can expect to be considered among the chief girlfriends.

The Perfume Shop LK Today High Street Fashion Awards 2008 - Arrivals

Alena Seredova
Seredova is the girlfriend of Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon. The former Miss Czech Republic has a clothing line and has featured in Penthouse magazine and Playboy.

AC Milan v Juventus FC - Luigi Berlusconi Trophy 2009

Sarah Brandner
Brandner is considered ‘queen of the WAGs’ in Germany due to her relationship with German star Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Portugal v Germany - Euro 2008 Quarter Final

Stay tuned for more of a round up for the next list of Who’s Who in the world of WAGS.. Got any suggestions of who you want to see here as well? Leave a comment below and help compile the next WAGs to Watch list..

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Sir Geoff and his WAGS of old

Posted May 24, 2010 By World Cup Wags

How times have changed in the wonderful world of WAGS..

In 2006 it was Sven that was running around after the WAGS and making sure they were sealed in footballing history forever.. In 2010 it’s Fabio saying NO to every WAG request out there and ensuring the English public that WAGS will not be the downfall of England greatest chance of winning the World Cup since 1966..

But, back in the times when WAGS were just Wives the MIrror has dug up a bit of dirt on our very own Sir Geoff Hurst..

Sir Geoff Hurst revealed that, just before England’s defence of the trophy in 1970, Sir Alf prodded his wife Judith in the chest before an overseas friendly and hissed: “We’re not going to Mexico for your benefit.”

He said: “At the time I didn’t think Alf was right, but on reflection you should keep wives away from the team.”

What’s your opinion on the WAGS at the World Cup?

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WAGS set to travel to World Cup with England Squad

Posted April 27, 2010 By World Cup Wags

In what can only be seen as the biggest U-Turn to date by the England coach Fabio Capello, WAGS are now looking to be allowed to mix with their footballing halves at the World Cup finals – and could even be part of what Fabio has termed family barbeques to help foster team spirit.

Capello originally said that he was banning WAGS from coming to the World Cup following four years ago in Baden-Baden, where there was criticism over the amount of time players were able to spend with their WAGS (wives and girlfriends) creating a WAG media circus around the squad. The England crew even resorted to asking for “lads mags” to be brought along to the World Cup if they were not allowed to bring their WAGS.

WAG fans will know how much of a stir the press created for the newly termed WAGS, following the creation of the hit TV program – WAGS Boutique.

Fabio Capello went on to explain why his own experience at Real Madrid shows why team spirit can be so important in a successful side: “When I went to Real Madrid [in 2006] they had not won anything for three years, which is strange for a club the size of Real Madrid.

“Inside the dressing room there were three different teams – a South American group, Spanish group and the others. I had to work really hard to break these different groups down and bring everyone together. I had to make strong decisions and make sure there was a spirit within the team – when the group found the spirit of the shirt they won. Spirit is one of the most important things for a team. You need to have a good spirit to win.”

Fabio also underlined his own importance to England’s chances of glory: “Leadership is vital, you can’t buy it. You need to have it to be successful. The players will follow a strong leader, you need to be able to convince the players of your methods and ideas at all times and you can only do this by being a good leader.

So it seems that Fabio will be allowing our lovely WAGS along for the World Cup ride and here at World Cup Wags we could not be more happy..

What do you think about this U-Turn in Fabio’s mind? Should WAGS be allowed to “go to the game”…

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