Cheryl Cole Wears a Decoy Ring at Heathrow Airport

Cheryl Coles “are they are aren’t they” wedding saga with Ashley Cole continues as Cheryl was spotted at Heathrow Airport (on-route to LA) wearing a ring on her wedding finger.

Naturally, World Cup Wags assumed that everything is ok, and that Cheryl Cole, true to her music is “Fighting for this Love”

But, upon closer inspection, the ring Cheryl chose to wear was actually not her wedding ring at all, and something closer to the dress rings from Accessorize.

According to close friends, Cheryl Cole was trying to send a mixture of messages to the public and husband Ashley Cole. The first message, that she’s still a married women wearing a ring on her wedding finger. The second, that it’s not the real ring and her husband should be worried…

Now, like World Cup Wags, we are betting that you are confused but do you think her ploy worked or has this raised more questions than answered?

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