Perez Hilton – Cheryl Coles Husband is at it again (and again)

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It’s no secret that Cheryl Cole’s douchebag footballer husband Ashley Cole has cheated on the pop star repeatedly, and has recently come under fire for allegedly sexting raunchy pics to glamour model Sonia Wilde.

Ashley has claimed that he lent his cell phone to a friend, who in return lent it to someone else, who found the photos in question and started the sexting relationship.

Yeah. We’re sure that’s exactly what happened.

Today, however, another woman has come forward claiming that Cole SEXTED HER over a two month period in 2008.

Cheryl, who has reportedly has been living out of a hotel for the past two weeks, spent Valentine’s Day alone. Last month, before the scandalous sexts were made public, the singer was STOOPIDly still behind her man.

“I’d like to start a family with Ashley. Not this year, but I don’t wait to wait forever to have children. You don’t just have to just give up when two people who love each other have a few problems. Anyone who throws in the towel ends up achieving nothing.”

Yes, but anyone who sits idly by and lets their husband make a fool of them while he blatantly carry on affairs with other women is also achieving nothing.

It appears that Cheryl’s attitude has since changed for the better! Dump his ass, girlfriend! Enough is enough!

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