Cheryl Cole agrees to Marriage Counseling with Husband Ashley

Cheryl Cole has confirmed that she is taking marriage counseling with serial cheater and husband Ashley Cole. It appears that Cheryl is reconsidering her earlier “get out of my life” statement following her return from LA.

After a barrage of text messages and voice mails, it seems Ashley cole has been able to talk Cheryl and her family around saying that he is a victim here and not a serial cheater with Cheryl now willing to go to marriage counseling.

According to The Daily Mail the counselling sessions may begin next week when Ashley returns from France where he has been in a sports rehabilitation clinic for his broken ankle (that has potentially ruled him out of the World Cup).

A source close to the couple last night told the Daily Mail: “Cheryl has agreed to see a counsellor with Ashley to hear his issues. She thinks he deserves to be heard and understands how he could think that she let him down as a wife.”

The source revealed: “Cheryl sees Ashley as different to John Terry. He has managed to persuade her that he’s not a cad – more a victim of circumstance.

“She’s now starting to think he’s vulnerable and immature and easy prey for predatory women.”

The source continued: “Of course, Cheryl is devastated and furious at what he’s done. But she accepts she owes it to their marriage to talk it through with him.”

Cheryl and Ashley Cole head back to their hotel in the wee small hours after celebrating her 26th birthday
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