How Coleen Rooney lost 21 pounds of weight in just 4 months

Just before the birth of their baby boy Kai, Coleen told the great British press that she would not be rushed into losing her baby fat but looking at recent photos of the Rooney’s in Barbados last week it seems the Coleen has dropped her weight fast and has lost 21 pounds in under 4 months.

coleen rooney weight loss

As unbelievable as it seems, the wife of England striker Wayne Rooney put on a stone and a half while pregnant with Kai

So what’s Coleen’s secret?  The 24-year-old fashion icon cut out sugar from her diet and started working out with her personal trainer Elise Lindsay three times a week.

Previously fluctuating between size 10 to 12 before her pregnancy, 5ft 3 Coleen is now a size 8 after shifting one and half stone.

The Daily Mail reported that a friend of the WAG said she is avoiding carbohydrates and doing a combination of weights, floor exercises, running, swimming and walking to shift the pounds.

The source told Closer magazine: ‘She’s pretty much been living on salads with chicken or fish as well as loads of veg. She’s been having smaller portions too. The weight’s just fallen off.

It seems it’s all down to a good diet and sheer determination to lose weight the intelligent way.  Slowly and healthily.  ’Coleen makes sure she does at least 30 minutes a day of cardio, either a run, swim or fast walk.’

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