Frank Lampard’s former fiancee Elen Rives says she would rather marry a fat man (and she hates fat men)

Elen Rives, a model from Spain, had two children with the multi-millionaire Chelsea and England international before she left him 17 months ago, after finding out he was a serial adulterer.

Elen Rives, ex-WAG, enjoys an evening out at the Omega Constellation party, London

Elen, 35, has declared she wants a man but not a footballer and told the Daily Mirror.

“I’m so over Frank – I’m not in love with him any more,”

“I will never date another footballer as long as I live. I’d rather go out with a fat man – and I hate fat men.”

WorldCupWags does wonder whether or not Elen would actually go out with her so called “fat man” or would she rather continue living it up with a nice footballer on her arm if the right one came along?

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