First WAGs and now booze. Capello slaps booze ban on England

As if Capello’s ban on WAGS wasn’t enough, Fabio is now looking to ensure that the World Press have no reason to follow the whole England team around in South Africa by banning booze totally..

Even the odd glass of wine with evening meals has been banned in what’s seen as Fabios regimented management style.

The ban, which also applies to FA officials, has been agreed by all the staff and is part of the Italian’s strategy to foster team spirit, News of the World reports.

The players have been left in no doubt by Capello there will be strict adherence to his rules and they will be punished if they fall out of line.

Earlier, Capello had told his players that he will not permit any hanky-panky at the World Cup in South Africa and had banned all WAGs.

It has also been revealed that he will be able to call on his stars 24 hours a day using their hotel televisions so players better be careful what they do in their rooms.

Capello has previously banned all WAGs from joining the World Cup party. And the players’ families have now accused the Football Association of deliberately shutting them out.

Capello, 63, is desperate to avoid a repeat of the last World Cup in Germany where their boozy antics were blamed for ruining the team’s chances of glory. He’s setting a precedent here. If England don’t deliver, it’s only Fabio that would be to blame in many peoples eyes.

England Training session pre Ukraine match 06/10/09 Photo Nicky Hayes Fotosports International Fabio Capello.
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  1. Comment by Teena Millers:

    Amazingly dissapointing! These divas are a embarrasment to the country. I hope they actually to show up against Slovenia.

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