WAGS Sex Ban During World Cup

English Footballers and their WAGS, in sunny South Africa and needing a bit of unwind time!! Not with Fabio around..

Fabio has raised the subject again about whether or not the UK’s World Cup WAG squad should lie back and think of England.

England manager Fabio Capello has once again stated that he has limited the access his players will have to their WAGS (wives and girlfriends) to one day after each game, with restrictions getting even stricter should the team progress. Now that doesn’t sound like a way to motivate the English Football team, what with many of the players having just come out of a heavy spell of sordid sex scandals in some of our favorite daily papers.

Reported in the Guardian: “There is a historic element that has become a kind of mythology in sport,” says Greg Whyte, professor of applied sport and exercise science at Liverpool John Moores University. “The Ancient Greeks believed that sex was detrimental in the build up to the Olympics – that it sapped energy, lowered test-osterone and reduced aggression. But research runs counter to this. There have been a few studies on sex before sport and they have shown it has no effect on performance. However, sleep quality is crucial in terms of performance and sex can enhance sleep, so therefore it may enhance performance.” Unless it’s preventing them getting any sleep.

But, looking at other teams and their WAGS, Croatia’s players, during Euro 2004, were told by team doctor Zoran Bahtijarevic that their love- making should “not involve any excessive sex”. Will the English sensibilities allow this or will the WAGS find their way around the rules?

The question that rears it’s head after the circus of England’s last competitive competition is that if the WAGS aren’t getting satisfied by their partners, will they look elsewhere? World Cup WAGS will be tracking all of the news so stay tuned.

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