World Cup Wag Betting – Which of the England World Cup Squad Will Split From His WAG First?

WAGS and breakups.. There’s something about those two words that always seem to create stories and this World Cup is no different.

The age old question has been raised about whether or notl there be a World Cup break up in the England squad?

What with Fabio banning a lot of the England WAGs from the World Cup and therefore being left at home while the squad travel to South Africa, there are the obvious rumours that several of Fabio Capello’s squad could be set for summer break-ups.

According to BettingPro – WilliamHill have opened a book on which of the 23-man squad will be the first to end his relationship, and they make Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley the 4/1 favourite in the market. Could this be to do with Franks earlier comments this year about wanting to focus on “just football and not WAGS”

There are continued rumous around Steven Gerrard and Alex Curran breaking up – will they prove true?

David Beckham, whilst not part of the England playing staff is 16/1 to break with Victoria, while manager Fabio Capello and wife Laura Ghisi are 50/1 outsiders to be the first to separate.

Hill’s spokesman Rupert Adams said:

“The WAG circus in 2006 did little to improve England’s chances but absence is unlikely to make the heart grow fonder this time round,”

For all the latest World Cup Wags odds check out William Hill here:

First To Officially Split With WAG: 4/1 Christine Bleakley & Frank Lampard, 5/1 Alex Curran & Steven Gerrard, 5/1 Amanda Salmon & David James, 11/2 Toni Poole & John Terry, 6/1 Carly Zucker & Joe Cole, 6/1 Montana Manning & Aaron Lennon, 6/1 Abigail Clancy & Peter Crouch, 6/1 Chantelle Tagoe & Emile Heskey, 12/1 Rebecca Ellison & Rio Ferdinand, 16/1 Victoria Adams & David Beckham, 20/1 Danielle Bux & Gary Lineker, 20/1 Ellie Darby & Mathew Upson, 20/1 Lisa Roughead & Michael Carrick, 25/1 Colleen McLoughlin & Wayne Rooney, 25/1 Louise Nerding & Jamie Redknapp, 25/1 Nicola Carragher & Jamie Carragher, 33/1 Louise Barry & Gareth Barry, 50/1 Fabio Capello & Laura Ghisi

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  1. Comment by Lourie Panning:

    I love the world cup SOO much….the only thing i hate about it is the fact that it doesn’t go FOREVER…LOL……i just hope there is no serious injuries to my Favourite Players

  2. Comment by Anika Dhillon:

    Interesting info , I also found another related article in other blog about world cup news – World cup 2010 frustrated ashley cole left isolated by steven gerrard

  3. Comment by The Dutch Abs Guy:

    The Dutch did great against Brazil, i am Dutch myself and for me it is wonderful to get some retribution for 94 and 89 when Brazil kicked us out of the worldcup’s, now we will become the next world champions, can’t wait for Uruguay

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