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What Celebrities are wearing Victoria Beckham’s fashion designs

Victoria Beckham, WAG to the famous David Beckham and Queen of Beckenham palace… Victoria’s turned her charms over to the fashion over the past few years and runs a successful fashion line under her name..  But what celebs are currently wearing Victorias fashion designs.. Well, the ‘banded minidress’ from Victoria Beckham’s spring/summer 2010 collection has [… Read More]

Tess Daly says – WAGS – we needed you!

Tess writes for the Mirror and has recently written about how England needed the WAGs during the World Cup.. The World Cup is nearing a close and it was over for England almost before it began. I’m not a huge football fan I confess but I do like to get behind the team when it’s [… Read More]

What WAGs are at the World Cup?

So Fabio Capello bans all the WAGs from turning up to South Africa but who didn’t listen to Fabio and who flew over to take the limelight and give their boys some home comforts on the sly?? The first batch of England WAGs have already landed in South Africa two days ago and things are [… Read More]

Before they were WAGS – They were non WAGS

Yes, it’s happened. The World Cup has kicked off and Fabio Capellos ban on the WAGS seems to have worked – or has it? Most of the WAGS have obeyed England manager Fabio Capello’s order to stay at home while their other halves take on the world through various paid deals. But no one seriously [… Read More]

The Who’s Who of WAGS at the World Cup

With the WAGS World CUP moving full steam ahead, World Cup WAGS is running down the key people to keep an eye out for in South Africa with our World Cup Watch hat on. From penalty takers to WAGs, from the old to the young, World Cup WAGS have it all covered before things kick-off [… Read More]

Victoria Beckham to snub other WAGS at World Cup

Victoria Beckham, according to varied reports, will snub the WAGs at this year’s World Cup in South Africa. Beckham, the fashion icon and mother, was apparently “appalled” by the recent allegations and gossip mongering that has surrounded Ashley Cole and John Terry. A source told the Daily Mail: “There was no way she was going [… Read More]

Victoria Beckham quoted saying something mildly interesting about models

In breaking new, Victoria Beckham was quoted the other day as saying that most catwalk models are “naturally thin”. Our guess at World Cup Wags is that the normal model weighs in around 6 stone. If so then Victoria Beckhams got her facts wrong.. WCW for one has never been out and about and seen [… Read More]

Sexy World Cup Wags on Video

World Cup Wags often steal the limelight at events and here at World Cup Wags we thought that you’d like to see why.. So, here’s a range of top footballers Wag videos for you to look at and make your own mind up on who’s the fittest of them all.. Helen Swedin (figo) Many a [… Read More]