Cheryl gets some Posh Comfort

David Beckhams wife, VICTORIA Beckham, is rumored to be consoling an upset and angry Cheryl Cole following revelations and sexy photos of her husband Ashley Cole have found their way on to a topless model’s mobile phone.

Late into last night, the famous footballing start and singer of Girls Aloud were both captured by photographers together for the first time since a national newspaper first released news that images of the Ashley Cole had been sent to glamour girl Sonia Wild, 28.

Cheryl and Ashley Cole leave Gary and Dawn Barlows 10th Anniversary party at the Mandarin Hotel in London

Cheryl Cole, 26, Looked stricken with grief as she sat in the front of a chauffeur-driven car picking up her husband, Cole, from hospital, following surgery for a broken ankle. Ashley Cole was seen resting in the back.

The Sun earlier stated that her close pal Victoria Beckham had offered her support through a call with Cheryl immediately after reading the breaking newspapers story.

Luckily for Cheryl, the offer of staying in the Beckhams LA pad has been made to help Cheryl rest and recoup in the light of the recent allegations.

Of most interest to Cheryl, one of the photos of Ashley showed her £82,000-a- week footballing husband naked on a hotel bed.

Ashley Cole now faces the challenge of explaining to Cheryl, why photos have been taken on a pay as you go mobile phone, unregistered to Ashely, and why they also ended up with photos of busty glamour girl Sonia Wild, 28.

Whilst it is yet to be seen if Ashley has actually done anything it’s interesting to see what other news will come out of this following the Terrygate saga.

Sonia Wild

Sonia Wild - Ashley Cole Mobile Saga

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