Royal Opera House staging opera about football, WAGS and pregnancy tests

The Telegraph reports today that The Royal Opera House is to stage a series of new operas featuring football supporters, WAGs and women taking pregnancy tests.

Whilst traditionally the Opera House is known for its operatic heroes, the likes of Wagner and Mozart, its now to stage a new series of operas with our lovely WAGS at the centre of them..

According to the Telegraph, this year’s summer season at the opera house in Covent Garden, London, will feature “Opera Shots”, a triple bill of short, modern operas from three composers experimenting with the genre for the first time.

The opera will feature football chants from several clubs, including Liverpool’s “Steve Gerrard, Gerrard/He’ll pass the ball 40 yards/He’s big and he’s fucking hard/Steve Gerrard, Gerrard” and Milwall’s “No-one likes us/No-one likes us/No-one likes, we don’t care/We are Milwall, super Milwall/ We are Milwall from the Den”.

The piece will also include the storylines of WAGs – footballers’ wives and girlfriends – with a penchant for cosmetic surgery, who worry about their weight and their partners’ infidelity.

John Lloyd Davies, the head of opera development at the Royal Opera House, said “With a lot of contemporary opera, it feels as if the genre has got stuck in a run-of-the-mill rut. “We hope that with Opera Shots, we get something theatrically that shakes things up and breaks down barriers, opening the minds of our traditional audience and opening opera up to a new audience.”

WorldCupWags can’t wait to review these little Opera show beauties. What’s better than going along to the Opera to watch stories all about our lovely WAGS, indulge in a bit of stage fashion and all safe in the mind that their WAG stories and Football rumours are all made up for our delight – so you can guess their stories will be totally WAG mad…

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