WAGS are not banned from World Cup says Rooney

England’s very own Wayne Rooney has been telling the great British press that England’s WAGS are not indeed not banned from South Africa World Cup 2010.

The England and Manchester United football star Rooney insists the all wives, girlfriends and family members will be allowed to attend World Cup games.

Although Fabio Capello has stated that he wanted to avoid the SVEN WAG curse and the inevitable circus of having WAGS parading around Rooney is let slip that WAGS are allowed.

Wayne Rooney says he won’t be stopping wife Coleen bringing his son, Kai, over to watch and has said “I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this. If they want to go they can go. End of. I’ve said many times I’m not stopping them. They’re England fans as well.

Well done Wayne.. Sticking up for the WAGS of this world will do your popularity no end of help..

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