World Cup Wags to defy Capello rules

ENGLAND World Cup WAGS will defy Fabio’s ask (or is that ban) that they stay away from the World Cup this summer. News just in confirms that the clever WAGS will be moving into a luxury resort just 14 miles from the husbands and partners.

The place of choice? A six-star Palace Hotel in South Africa’s Sun City complex has already taken bookings for June and July from WAGS (wives and girlfriends) with more expected.

Staff have been talking to the press and confirmed the likes of Victoria Beckham, Coleen Rooney and Alex Gerrard are guests at the luxury hotel. Mr Capello, as he likes to be called, will be fuming at this news, because he made it clear he wants no WAGS near his training camp.

Talking about the WAGS, Sun City manager Gert Venter cannot wait to welcome the football girls. He said: “For reasons of confidentiality we cannot totally confirm who will be coming to stay with us. But we will be getting some high profile wives and girlfriends here during the World Cup.

“This place offers the luxury and the security guests of that profile would expect. We have everything they could possibly need.”

Heard more about where the WAGS are staying or what they are doing then drop World Cup Wags a post below.

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