WAGS set to travel to World Cup with England Squad

In what can only be seen as the biggest U-Turn to date by the England coach Fabio Capello, WAGS are now looking to be allowed to mix with their footballing halves at the World Cup finals – and could even be part of what Fabio has termed family barbeques to help foster team spirit.

Capello originally said that he was banning WAGS from coming to the World Cup following four years ago in Baden-Baden, where there was criticism over the amount of time players were able to spend with their WAGS (wives and girlfriends) creating a WAG media circus around the squad. The England crew even resorted to asking for “lads mags” to be brought along to the World Cup if they were not allowed to bring their WAGS.

WAG fans will know how much of a stir the press created for the newly termed WAGS, following the creation of the hit TV program – WAGS Boutique.

Fabio Capello went on to explain why his own experience at Real Madrid shows why team spirit can be so important in a successful side: “When I went to Real Madrid [in 2006] they had not won anything for three years, which is strange for a club the size of Real Madrid.

“Inside the dressing room there were three different teams – a South American group, Spanish group and the others. I had to work really hard to break these different groups down and bring everyone together. I had to make strong decisions and make sure there was a spirit within the team – when the group found the spirit of the shirt they won. Spirit is one of the most important things for a team. You need to have a good spirit to win.”

Fabio also underlined his own importance to England’s chances of glory: “Leadership is vital, you can’t buy it. You need to have it to be successful. The players will follow a strong leader, you need to be able to convince the players of your methods and ideas at all times and you can only do this by being a good leader.

So it seems that Fabio will be allowing our lovely WAGS along for the World Cup ride and here at World Cup Wags we could not be more happy..

What do you think about this U-Turn in Fabio’s mind? Should WAGS be allowed to “go to the game”…

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