Sir Geoff and his WAGS of old

How times have changed in the wonderful world of WAGS..

In 2006 it was Sven that was running around after the WAGS and making sure they were sealed in footballing history forever.. In 2010 it’s Fabio saying NO to every WAG request out there and ensuring the English public that WAGS will not be the downfall of England greatest chance of winning the World Cup since 1966..

But, back in the times when WAGS were just Wives the MIrror has dug up a bit of dirt on our very own Sir Geoff Hurst..

Sir Geoff Hurst revealed that, just before England’s defence of the trophy in 1970, Sir Alf prodded his wife Judith in the chest before an overseas friendly and hissed: “We’re not going to Mexico for your benefit.”

He said: “At the time I didn’t think Alf was right, but on reflection you should keep wives away from the team.”

What’s your opinion on the WAGS at the World Cup?

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