Do you want to be like a WAG? Then read on….

WAGs… A lot of people think they are just with their men for the glory and money that they provide but more increasingly it seems that normal everyday women are trying to emulate these Wives and Girlfriends and are picking their men for all the wrong reasons..

OK! associate editor Phil Gould explained that ordinary women are increasingly becoming obsessed with becoming an WAG.

“I think it’s their glamorous lifestyles – all the girls who read OK magazine aspire to be a WAG and have their lifestyle really,” he said.

Helping women in this new age pursuit of the perfect fame and money giving husband, OK magazine has launched a Celebspotter app, which lets users find out where the rich and famous have been hanging out in their local area, with the hope that women can start to frequent the same areas as their idols (and maybe hook up with similar men in the process).

However, Lizzie Cundy, who is married to ex-Chelsea player Jason, explained that it is important for women to be true to themselves when choosing a partner.

“I really think you should be with somebody for the right reasons, you have got to. Don’t just be with someone because they are a footballer,” she said.

Mrs Cundy added that if you meet a footballer and really like him then that is great, but not to go looking for a footballer to pair off with just for the sake of it.

World Cup Wags would love to have the WAG lifestyle but unless there is an iPhone app that tells us all where an when we need to be, orders the stretch limo (complete with champers) we’ll just stick to drinking down the local for the time being..

So, do you want to be like a WAG? Really??

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