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Victoria Beckham, WAG to the famous David Beckham and Queen of Beckenham palace…

Victoria’s turned her charms over to the fashion over the past few years and runs a successful fashion line under her name..  But what celebs are currently wearing Victorias fashion designs..

Victorian Beckham Fashion Designs

Well, the ‘banded minidress’ from Victoria Beckham’s spring/summer 2010 collection has proved a resounding hit with many celebratory A-listers, red carpet visits as well..

The most recent of all is Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger (left) who stepped out in Victoria’s dress design when making an appearance as a judge at the X Factor auditions in Manchester.

American actresses Jennifer Hudson (centre) and Blake Lively (right) also couldn’t resist the peplum creation, with its quirky, three-quarter-length sleeves at a recent red carpet event.

So while David might not be upping the family coffers by taking on the England Managerial role any time soon, Victoria’s growing success in the fashion industry continues to do well..

Who said WAGS just sponged off their other halves.

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Tess Daly says – WAGS – we needed you!

Posted July 6, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Tess writes for the Mirror and has recently written about how England needed the WAGs during the World Cup..

The World Cup is nearing a close and it was over for England almost before it began.

I’m not a huge football fan I confess but I do like to get behind the team when it’s the World Cup.

However I do draw the line at some of the choice fashions that accompanied the big event – St George’s cross hotpants and string bikini anyone? No thank you very much!

A few weeks ago you couldn’t move in the shops for England shirts. But now the team are home and trying to put their performance behind them, there are a lot of red and white tops in the bargain bins, the three lions looking forlornly for someone to give them a good home.

As we all know though, football fashion no longer begins and ends with novelty T-shirts and dangly football-shaped earrings.

Real fashion and football and now closely linked, thanks in large to the WAGs. And whatever your opinion of the effect of their partner’s performance on the pitch, the absence of the girls at the World Cup was keenly felt.

We needed Abbey Clancey looking Farrah Fawcett fabulous by the pool, we needed Carly Zucker out jogging, making Lycra cycling shorts look cool all over again and we needed Coleen Rooney watching on with baby Kai, giving her husband a much-needed boost.

Abbey Clancy

Coleen always gets my vote in the style stakes, she’s rarely snapped looking anything less than glamorous. Mind you she’s a Liverpool girl, and for anyone who’s spent any time in the city you’ll know those girls know how to do glamour 24/7.

In previous years the ladies have certainly give us girls something to talk about, from early forays into thigh-high boots in the baking heat, hair extensions and OTT fake tans.

But more recently the WAGS have grown up a bit and developed a style, be it a bit bling, that we all want to see – and this year we were left bereft.

And the honorary mention has to go out to the queen of the WAGs Victoria Beckham. She might be the wife of the most famous face in football but she’s every inch the powerhouse in her own right.

Mum of three, member of the biggest girl band of all time, fashion designer and David Beckham at home doing the vacuuming – lucky lady!

So come on Fabio, if you’re still in charge for 2012 bring the ladies with you. They might not improve our footballing chances but will make it all much more interesting for those of us looking for inspiration about what to wear.

The full article can be read here at The Mirror

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The World Cup has truly kicked off and even if England aren’t doing the job they are meant to our World Cup Wags are (as in looking great and excepting HUGE gift bags to turn up at parties).

But, if you are not huge fan of the World Cup, let along Football in general, World Cup Wags has just the thing for you..

We’re not talking about the lads shorts and the latest Adidas football (which is meant to be rubbish), we’re talking about WAG’s fashion and style.

It’s no secret that the wives and girlfriends of our famous football stars spend a small countries fortune on their clothing, especially the likes of Coleen Rooney and Queen Wag Victoria Beckham, and we know many of you (and us too) can’t afford to splash out and copy the styles.

So we’ve searched high and low and have found some of the less expensive alternatives to some outfits worn by Christine Bleakley, Abi Clancy, Alex Curren and of course Victoria and Coleen.

Victoria Beckham – WAG fashion queen Victoria looks super cute in this on-trend black rara skirt.

Victoria Beckham-Fashion

Get the look with this Spot Mesh Ribbon Skirt, £45 Topshop

Tony Pool (Terry)
– Loving the Little Black Dress. With so many out there which one do you but to look the part?

Try shopping at Gant this this great LBD number

Alternatively, check out this satan Black dress at Dorothy Perkins –

Coleen Rooney – The queen of making casual look sexy. Coleen can pull of these ripped and worn looking jeans and now you can too.

Get the look with Boyfriend Jeans £39.99 River Island.

World Cup Wags will be searching the web for more visual delights and fashion bargains to ensure you can all look like a WAG whenever you want.. Stay tuned..

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Before they were WAGS – They were non WAGS

Posted June 13, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Yes, it’s happened. The World Cup has kicked off and Fabio Capellos ban on the WAGS seems to have worked – or has it?

Most of the WAGS have obeyed England manager Fabio Capello’s order to stay at home while their other halves take on the world through various paid deals. But no one seriously expects them to keep a low profile – do you??.

Our amazing WAGS have got more bling than the A-Teams Mr T, better tans than the leathery Judith Chalmers – and unless you’re on Mars – they’re going to be as hard to dodge as a penalty shootout with Germany.

But before Wags were Wags what were they and would you have paid any attention to them at all?

Coleen Rooney

Her bloke, THE MR ROONEY, is pretty nifty on the park and our Coleen is pitch-perfect in the fashion stakes – or there abouts. But back in 2003 she was just a dowdy schoolgirl… more Grunge Hill than Grange Hill.

Victoria Beckham

Now our Victoria is an international style icon with a range of designer gear including her own smell and jeans that make any arse look good. But long ago back in 1992, Beckham’s missus was happy to be seen in a T-shirt and jeans. And a lovely dimpled smile. We can’t imagine VB ever turn back the sands of time to be seen like that again…

Alex Curran

From sculpted, perfect flowing locks to haute couture, not a piece of her is out of place. But nine years ago, England and Liverpool’s captain Stevie G’s other half looked more natural …and showed more cheek than chic. How times change.

Abbey Clancy

Legs up to her lovely armpits (or her fella’s kneecaps). But before she met Peter Crouch, Super Wag Abbey preferred boyish vest-tops with a very odd taste in Boy Scout woggles. Abbey’s been turned around more than anyone in turns of WAGS and we love her..

Danielle Lloyd

Yes, she was Miss England back in 2004 and fiancé Jamie O’Hara is her fourth footballer. Her style has improved just slightly, but apparently not her IQ. In a TV test she said a statue of Churchill was Barack Obama – It was a black and white TV though with bad signal, honest…

DUBLIN, IRELAND - APRIL 13: Former celebrity Big Brother star Danielle Lloyd attends Touch Night Club, April 13, 2007 in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo by Showbiz Ireland/Getty Images)
LONDON - JULY 9:  British pop star Victoria Beckham attends the Elle Style Awards on July 9, 2000 in London. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)
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WAG Fashion Mistakes over the Years…

Posted April 23, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Here at World Cup Wags we like to remind ourselves about our lovely WAGS and how they “usually” turn out pretty nice for whatever the occasion, from red carpet events to down the beach with the family, our WAGS have always good Fashion at the front of mind.

But, in anticipation that some of our WAGS will ultimately end up wearing something horrendous during the world cup we have been searching the archives for a collection of the worst dressed WAG fashion outfits from the past couple of years and boy oh boy have we found some “stunners”..

Coleen Rooney – Back in the days our lovely Coleen might not always have dressed to the high end fashion that she does now… Aintree showed us how lovely she could look but let’s be thankful she’s moved on from this photo –

Victoria Beckham is a dream WAG for any WAG follower.. The hight of fashion, a family girl and loving wife of our favourite David Beckham.. Posh and Becks might dress like kings and queens nowadays but our WAG Posh was not always as smart as she seems..

Elen Rives – She might have split up wtih Franky Lampard but she’ll always be a WAG in WorldCupWags eyes.. And, how could we not include this lovely photo with those socks.. You might all like that, but walking the Streets of the UK in those puppies is a fashion mistake for any WAG

Eager for more information on WAG fashion and want to see more pictures.. Check out this little gem that World Cup Wags

Please see – – For further WAG fashion mistakes…

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Victoria Beckham to snub other WAGS at World Cup

Posted February 28, 2010 By World Cup Wags

Victoria Beckham, according to varied reports, will snub the WAGs at this year’s World Cup in South Africa.

Beckham, the fashion icon and mother, was apparently “appalled” by the recent allegations and gossip mongering that has surrounded Ashley Cole and John Terry.

A source told the Daily Mail: “There was no way she was going to be staying anywhere near the WAGs this World Cup, so she has rented a beautiful flat for herself and the boys.

“Victoria was appalled by Ashley Cole and John Terry’s behaviour and does not want to be associated with anything like that at all.”

The insider added: “But she does not consider herself a WAG in the traditional sense – that is not her at all. She has her own successful career. Victoria is, of course, 100 per cent supportive of David, and will be there to cheer him and the England squad on.

“She is friendly with Cheryl [Cole], she thinks she is a very sweet girl. They have not seen each other for some time, but she is there for her.”

Victoria Beckham Looks Scary Thin at LAX
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In breaking new, Victoria Beckham was quoted the other day as saying that most catwalk models are “naturally thin”.

Our guess at World Cup Wags is that the normal model weighs in around 6 stone. If so then Victoria Beckhams got her facts wrong.. WCW for one has never been out and about and seen models scoffing pulled pork sandwiches at Bodeans on a Friday night followed by large quantities of Polish larger (and then a quick session on the catwalk Saturday morning)..

We are convinced at WCW that Victoria Beckham is jut trying to get more column inches out of us, which she has done very easily..

Victoria Beckham Goes All Out for her Sons 5th Birthday!
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